Simon Tam (Firefly) for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Simon Tam Costume

Simon Tam Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Vest They’re many types of good looking vests for you to choose, however silk can be a nice choice when you want to have that fancy and rich feeling. Dark colors preferably
2 Plain White Blouse Any plain white buttoned blouse would do, but make sure you get the one with long sleeve
3 Black Pants with Flat Fronts Just look for a nice pair of black flat-fronted pants with a perfect fit, so it would look like it is being tailored just for you
4 Black Leather Shoes Even though any black leathered shoes would work, you might want to go for something simple and classy
5 Rounded Sunglasses This is wear a snobbish-boy side of Simon shows. Pick a pair of rounded sunglasses with a dark tinted lens
6 Black Necktie Pick any old-fashioned good looking black ties you like
7 Stethoscope You can use a replica stethoscope, but a real one looks better in photos

Simon Tam’s Signature Outfit

Growing up as a part of a wealthy and influential Tam family, he definitely had quite a lavished taste and that does reflect on his outfit. Simon Tam always wears a pretty neat outfit, often snobbish yet classy. He always has a sophisticated vest on over a plain white blouse and a nice pair of pants with flat fronts. Always remember when you dress as Simon Tam, you’ve got to act like a rich kid for the character’s sake.

About Simon Tam

Simon Tam, played by Sean Maher, is a character in a 2002 sci-fi T.V. series ‘Firefly’. His reputation was drastically changed overnight from being a top trauma surgeon on a central planet called ‘Osiris’ to a wanted fugitive, all because of a brother’s love for his sister, River Tam, and the attempt to rescue her from the Alliance.

After successfully saved his sister, they took refuge on Serenity where Simon later worked as the ship’s doctor healing and aiding people on board. At first, Simon didn’t get along with other crew members simply because he didn’t care, all that he cared about was to taking care of River Tam.

However, things have changed when Mal and Zoë rescued him and his sister from a deathly danger and so he felt like he’s a part of crew fully. Also, Simon had a relationship with Kaylee Frye, engineer of Serenity. To most of the audience, Simon is very protective brother who would do about everything to save his younger sister.