Llama (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Llama Costume

Llama Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Large Moving Boxes Use lightweight moving boxes to create the shape and shell of your Llama costume.
2 Lavander Acrylic Paint Lavender acrylic paint would be a main color for your llama.
3 Mermaid Crepe Paper Streamers To get the piñata look, make sure to use crepe paper streamers to decorate your llama shell.
4 Acrylic Paint Set Use different colors of acrylic paint for the finer details.
5 Brown Kraft Cardstock Use brown cardstock to create the supply bag detail on the side of your llama.
6 Padlock Clasp Hasp Use a padlock clasp for your supply bag detail.
7 Nylon Strap Install nylon straps so you can wear your llama everywhere.
8 Full Costume Set Want to keep comfy? Wear this adorable Llama onesie instead.

Llama Pinatas are considered loot boxes in the game, Fortnite. They are also most known for being the mascot of the said game. Its popularity motivated the producers to make many kinds of llamas in the game, but arguably the most popular is the Supply Llama (a llama which drops different kinds of loot when killed or scared away).

Plus, the Llama looks absurdly adorable in a fighting game. To look like a Supply Llama, you will need large moving boxes, crepe paper streamers, acrylic paint, and a nylon strap.

About Llama

There are many types of Llamas in the different campaigns and game modes in Fortnite. Supply Llamas are the only Legendary and the only non Common Animal in the game. This is due to them existing as a Legendary container prior to being made an animal.
Depending on the update version, Supply Llamas can be found in flooded areas, on top of buildings, or in trees.

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