Molotov Girl (Free Guy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Molotov Girl’s Costume from Free Guy

Molotov Girl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Corset Wear an armor alternative such as this top.
2 White Shirt Then get this white shirt to top it off.
3 Suspenders Get this set of suspenders to style the shirt.
4 Maroon Handkerchief Wear this on the neck, too.
5 Brown Pants For your bottoms, start with this pair of pants.
6 Holster Then add this gun holster.
7 Boots Lock in the girl boss look with this pair of boots.
8 Gloves Match the color of the boots with these gloves.
9 Brown Wig Recreate her hair with this wig.
10 Eyeglasses To finish the look, be sure to wear this pair of sunglasses, too.

Molotov Girl’s costume is chic yet practical to wear in combat. If you look closely there looks to be an armor under her white shirt which you can recrete by wearing a corset under a white shirt and suspenders. For her pants, be sure to wear a dark brown pair with a belt or gun holster. She also wears fingerless gloves and a pair of boots for the edgy feel. Complete the costume by wearing a short brown wig and a eyeglasses.

About Molotov Girl

Molotov Girl is a character in the film Free Guy. The story follows the story of Guy who is a player in Free City which is an open-world video game. Millie Rush, aka Molotov Girl, finds the truth behind th game as she believes the developer of the game stole the source code from her. She catches Guy’s attention when the latter heard her sing. They set on to their mission and subsequent adventure after knowing each other.