Blue Shirt Guy (Free Guy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Blue Shirt Guy Costume

Blue Shirt Guy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt Start off your Free Guy outfit with a simple light blue Oxford shirt.
2 Light Khaki Pants Pair your shirt with a pair of light khaki pants to look extra smart.
3 Tan Suede Oxford Shoes You can’t go wrong with a pair of Oxford shoes.
4 Black Wrap-Around Safety Glasses Guy needs a pair of special glasses to see his world for what it actually is.
5 Yellow and Sky Blue Necktie Accessorize with a nice yellow and blue tie.
6 Silver Tie Clip Don’t forget to put on your silver tie clip.
7 Free Guy Name Tag Make sure everyone knows who you are with your name tag.
8 Khaki Belt Keep your outfit together with a khaki belt.
9 Black Resin Watch Look smart with a black watch.
10 Blue Henley Another option for shirt is to wear a blue henley.
11 blue bomber jacket optional

Blue Shirt Guy, or simply ‘Guy’, is an NPC in the open-world video game ‘Free City’ who grows aware of his surroundings and video game character existence. With the help of a player, he starts seeing his world and encouraging NPCs to take over their own lives.

At the start of the movie, Blue Shirt Guy is only a typical bank teller who doesn’t even have a name. He wears a crisp light blue Oxford shirt, khaki pants, tan Oxford shoes, a yellow and blue tie, a khaki belt, and black glasses.

About Blue Shirt Guy

Blue Shirt Guy was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds is also known for his roles in Deadpool 2, Deadpool, Green Lantern, Buried, and The Proposal.

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