Joey Tribbiani (Friends) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Joey Tribbiani costume

Joey Tribbiani Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Loose Sweater Chandler loves wearing loose sweaters, so it’s probable that Joey used one as a base for his masterpiece of an outfit.
2 Green Plaid Button-Down Shirt One of the many layers of Joey’s outfit is a green plaid shirt with all its buttons undone.
3 Cream Button-Down Shirt Chandler’s cream button-down might’ve looked tropical if it wasn’t worn as a joke by Joey.
4 Black and Grey Bowling Shirt Lastly, Joey’s final top layer is Chandler’s loose black and grey bowling shirt with all its buttons undone.
5 Khaki Pants Joey said he wore all of Chandler’s clothes, so he probably has more than 2 pants on. But for your sake, a simple relaxed-fit pair of khaki pants is enough.
6 Red Basketball Shorts Well, you should probably add the basketball shorts as another layer.
7 Black Sneakers At least Joey didn’t insist on wearing all of Chandler’s footwear and stuck to just one pair of black sneakers.
8 A Set of Patterned Ties Perfect this wacky Joey outfit by wearing at least 5 different patterned and colored neckties.

Joey Tribbiani is the notorious playboy of the group, having a revolving door of women in and out of his life. But that’s how he likes it and it makes him happy.

He’s also a struggling actor which adds to his appeal but doesn’t contribute much to his financial situation. However, Joey is a well-natured and fun-loving guy so he’s a good friend to have around.

Out of all three boys, Joey shows a little more style than the others (probably because of his job as an actor).

But for this particular outfit, he wears something comical as revenge for Chandler’s prank. Here’s everything you need to look like Joey Tribbiani.

How to Get Joey’s Hair

Joey’s hairstyles throughout the seasons subtly change but they made for an iconic look during its prime. Here is a video to help you look like Joey.

About Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani was played by Matt LeBlanc. He also starred as Joey Tribbiani in the Friends spin-off, Joey, from 2004-2006.

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