Ross Geller (Friends) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Ross Geller costume

Ross Geller Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain White Undershirt Ross wears very conservative clothes so a plain white undershirt keeps peeking out from his polo shirt.
2 Tan Button-Down Dress Shirt Buy a button-down dress shirt that’s two sizes too large on you as Ross likes his clothes loose-fitting.
3 Classic-Fit Light Denim Pants Even Ross’ denim pants are baggy so make sure you buy a classic fit one that’s slightly light washed.
4 Chunky Brown Sneakers Chunky shoes were popular during this time and even though he’s a nerd, Ross wears a pair of chunky brown sneakers.
5 Black Sharpie To imitate the wonderful artwork on Ross’ face, use a classic black Sharpie (probably make sure it’s washable, too).

Ross Geller is the overachieving paleontologist older brother of Monica, and is Rachel’s lobster. He is smart, caring, and adorable. Like most of his friends, his love life was very complicated and comical; but he gets his happily ever after in the end.

Ross definitely is a big nerd and his outfits reflect that. He also follows the ‘90s trend of wearing clothes too loosely.

In this outfit, drunk Ross is wearing a huge brown polo shirt, loose denim pants, and chunky brown sneakers. Here’s everything you need to look like Ross Geller.

About Ross Geller

Ross Geller is played by David Schwimmer who also played Melman the Giraffe from the Madagascar films.

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