Laurie Strode (Halloween) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to Make Laurie Strode Costume

Laurie Strode Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Button-Down Shirt Laurie was wearing a light blue button-down shirt when she was attacked. Don’t forget to rip out one sleeve.
2 High-Waist Bell-Bottom Jeans Match your shirt with a pair of high-waist bell-bottom jeans.
3 Costume Knife Try to protect yourself with a costume knife.
4 Fake Blood Add fake blood on your shoulder to mimic the cut Laurie sustained.
5 Medium-Length Blonde Wig Finish off your look with a blonde wig.

Laurie Strode is the youngest sister of Michael. She was born Cynthia Myers but was put into the foster care system when her sister and parents were killed and Michael was sent to an institution. She meets her brother again a few years later when he tries to kill her.

Laurie Strode grew up to be a simple and typical woman. In the first Halloween movie, she is seen wearing a light blue button-down, collared shirt tucked into a high-waist pair of denim pants.

About Laurie Strode

Laurie Strode was portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie Lee Curtis is also known for her roles in True Lies, Halloween H20, Freaky Friday, and An Acceptable Loss.

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