She-Ra Princess of Power costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make She-Ra’s Princess of Power Costume

She Ra Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Strapless Cocktail Dress Wear a plain white strapless cocktail dress.
2 Short Red Cape Top the cape over your dress.
3 Gauntlets Get a pair of gantlets and paint with gold spray.
4 Golden Metal Belt Fasten the golden belt around your mid waist.
5 Golden High Boots Match the outfit with a pair of golden high boots.
6 Gold Glitter Craft Sheet Cut the craft sheet into wing shape and attach it under the chest part of the dress (like shown in the picture), and cut another sheet into She-Ra symbol and attach it on above the mid waist, in the front, with glue.
7 Blonde Wig Get a blond wig to recreate She-Ra’s hairstyle.
8 Headpiece Wear a replica of She-Ra headpiece to wear.
9 Sword Prop Wield a sword prop as the sword of protection.
10 Full Costume Don’t you have time to assemble these items? Get this full costume now.

Being a princess and a super heroine, She-Ra’s outfit reflects accordingly. She wears a white strapless dress, a short red cape, a golden head piece, golden gauntlets, a golden belt, and golden high boots. Also, carry a sword prop as the sword of protection. If you’d want to recreate this look, checkout our item list down below!

About She-Ra

She-Ra is a fictional character who’s the protagonist to her own cartoon series, first debuted in 1985. Her popularity also produced a bunch of toys under her trademark. She-Ra’s alter ego is called Adora, a naive and kind heiress of the Eternia monarchy, a twin girl to Prince Adam, He-Man. Once she turns to the heroine form, She-Ra has the power of super strength and wields the Sword of Protection which can turn into a shield. Both She-Ra and He-Man swear to defend the peace of their home planet against the extraterrestrial threats.