Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Lily Aldrin costume

Lily Aldrin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blouse, floral patterned with bright colors. This blouse is very similar to what Lily would often wear and gives insight into her own colorful and bright personality.
2 Cardigan, short with buttons, matches with blouse. The cardigan gives a mature and schoolteacher vibe to her outfit, which suits her well as a past kindergarten teacher.
3 Jeans, skinny, blue. Regular jeans are something found in everyone’s closet, Lily’s too. They add a versatile element to the outfit and are a classic touch.
4 Boots, calf-length, brown. Lily wears many different kinds of shoes, but tall boots seem to be her favorite kind of shoe.
5 Accessories, bracelets Quirky and unique jewelry suits Lily’s style as it adds to her feminine look and also speaks about her quirky and fun personality.
6 earrings Another accessory to complete the look

To add to this costume, you could include a brown straight haired wig with side bangs. Though it isn’t necessary, it will add an element of realness to the costume. A Lily costume is a super choice of costume; anyone can make a good Lily and you can even do a couple costume and get someone to be your Marshall.

Lily Aldrin Outfit Items

Lily’s style is very sweet and girly and fits her persona perfectly. She is usually dressed in some kind of bright color or pattern and is overall pretty feminine in her choice of clothing. She also wears cardigans and flared or frilled tops quite often too. Lily’s typical outfit might consist of a pattered flouncy blouse, blue jeans, a matching cardigan, calf length boots, and a couple accessories such as earrings and some bracelets.

Though she doesn’t always dress in really bright or quirky clothing, it seems to be a style that she favors and maintains with her sunny and peaceful personality as well. Here’s an example of what you might use to put together your own Lily Aldrin costume.

About Lily Aldrin

Lily Aldrin is the sweet and quirky girlfriend and eventually wife to Marshall Eriksen in the American sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother”. Lily, played by Alyson Hannigan, is part of Ted’s gang of friends and also a former kindergarten teacher.

She has a very girly and patient personality, though she is known to lose her temper and be very sensitive at times. She is very close with Marshall and Ted having known both of them since college, and eventually becomes best friends with Robin as well.