Robin Scherbatsky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Robin Scherbatsky costume

Robin Sherbatsky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Striped long sleeve T-shirt, muted color. With her tomboyish style, a striped T-shirt is the epitome of her style. She manages to pull it off in an elegant manner too.
2 Sporty blazer, neutral color. The sporty blazer is another tomboy addition to Robin’s look, though it pulls the entire outfit together and makes it look a little bit more grown up. Any color of blazer works, as long as it goes with the rest of the outfit
3 Skinny jeans, blue. Blue skinny jeans are simple yet classic. They are also something that just about everyone owns; Robin wears them very often for their versatility
4 Shoes, lacey flats, black or gray. Lacey flats add an element of femininity to Robin’s otherwise very gender-neutral outfit. They also add a pretty and unique look to the overall costume.
5 Handbag, small shoulder fitting, black or brown. Robin definitely isn’t one for fancy purses, but she is seen sometimes with a plain small bag tucked under her arm.
6 Watch, minimal classic design. A watch is a great accessory to bring the outfit all together. Robin doesn’t wear much jewelry, but a watch is a great somewhat tomboyish alternative.

Robin has a very tomboyish style sense, and sometimes her outfits can be somewhat confusing. Usual she is dressed very simply in mostly neutral colors, but other times you might see her wearing a more feminine item of clothing, like lacey flats, red skinny jeans, or a form fitting vest top. Most of her clothing is definitely very late 90s early 2000s style; nonetheless, most items could probably be easily found in your own wardrobe.

A typical Robin outfit would be something like a pair skinny jeans, a striped shirt in a neutral color, a sporty blazer, a pair of lacey flats, a small shoulder handbag, and a simple yet feminine watch. Here’s how to put your costume together.

Robin usually has minimal makeup and keeps her hair straight and brushed down, so that’s all you have to for cosmetics. A Robin Sherbatsky costume is a simple costume that looks good on anyone. Fans of the “How I Met Your Mother” show will all tell you she is a very unique and fun character to portray.

About Robin Sherbatsky

Robin Scherbatsky is an influential character part of the five-member friend group starring in the hit TV series, “How I Met You Mother”. Played by the lesser known but still well-loved actress, Cobie Smulders, Robin is a journalist with very interesting hobbies, some of which include drinking Scotch and smoking cigars.

Unlike any other character in the “How I Met Your Mother” series,
Robin is loved by fans for her unusual and snarky personality. Robin is first introduced to the rest of the group after a particularity disastrous date with Ted; the others warm up to her immediately and the rest is history.