The Slutty Pumpkin Costume (How I Met Your Mother) for Cosplay & Halloween

To make it a couple costume, ask your SO to go as Hanging Chad.

How to make a Slutty Pumpkin Costume

Slutty Pumpkin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full costume set As the main part of this costume, the pumpkin itself is very important. With this costume, you will have to cut out the eyes of the pumpkin yourself to imitate the original Slutty Pumpkin costume.
2 Black Bralette The black bralette goes under the pumpkins cut out eyes to provide a bit of modesty yet still maintain the slutty air of the costume.
3 stockings Just like the gloves, stocking help give the pumpkin body outfit a more edgier and sexier vibe.
4 Fishnet gloves Fishnet gloves give an edgier vibe to this costume and help add to the sexiness as well.
5 Black heels The right shoe makes the entire outfit. A sexy black heel is the right way to finish off this Slutty Pumpkin costume.

To complete the look, smoky black eyeshadow and red lipstick is a way to make this costume even more sexy. Style your hair by leaving it down in careless waves.

The Slutty Pumpkin Costume from “How I Met Your Mother” may not be everyone’s choice of costume, but when it comes down to it, this costume is definitely a laugh. The costume itself consists of a pumpkin suit with the eye holes strategically cut out in the chest area, black fishnet gloves, black fishnet stocking, black heels, and lastly a black bandeau bralette.

The costume itself is definitely not to be taken seriously, because can be more hilarious than a large orange orb trying to be sexy? This costume is great for anyone who is a fan of the “How I Met Your Mother” show and who understand the references and meaning behind this costume. Here’s how you can put together your own Slutty Pumpkin costume!

About the Slutty Pumpkin

The original Slutty Pumpkin is a girl called Naomi who dresses up this way to get Ted Mosby’s attention. She is played by Katie Holmes and is an off and on character on the show, but this one iconic scene with the Slutty Pumpkin costume is truly an unforgettable appearance.