Lily White Whale Costume (How I Met Your Mother) for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Lily White Whale Costume

Lily White Whale Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White morph suit, open faced The morph suit is the base of the costume and meant to emphasize on the pregnant belly.
2 Black marker With the black marker, draw a whale-like face on the belly area of the morph suit. It’s very simple to do if you just copy the face Lily has drawn.
3 Pillow, white, long The pillow you will have to sew onto the back part of your costume and fold it over into a triangle shape. This is your tail while your belly is the whale head.
4 Extra pillow stuffing Stuffing your pillow will give it more body and make it hold its tail shape a lot better.
5 Sewing kit Use the sewing kit to make alterations with the pillow and morph suit. Sew the pillow into place on the morph suit, and then after stuffing and folding the pillow into a tail shape, sew the shape together so that it will hold.
6 White boots, tight fitting Finish off the look with tight white boots, and you are ready to head out to your costume party.

The white whale costume from “How I Met Your Mother’s” How I Met Your Mother Lily is a wonderful choice of costume for pregnant or expecting women. This costume is very fun because it also emphasizes on the pregnant belly and plays on the stereotype of calling pregnant women whales.

This is a very easy DIY costume; all you need is a white morph suit, a white pillow, pillow stuffing, a black marker, and some sewing tools.

About Lily White Whale

The whale costume is a costume Lily, played by Alyson Hannigan, wears as a couple costume with Marshall dressed up as Ahab. The costume is a very iconic costume due to the fact that she was pregnant at the time, but still manages to have an amazing costume as it is her character to always have one. The How I Met Your Mother episode in which the costume is featured is one of the last ones and is very bittersweet, though the costumes make it somewhat more cheery.