Immortan Joe Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Immortan Joe’s (Mad Max) Costume

Immortan Joe Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Roman Breastplate Armor Get a model breastplate armor that fit you and start recreating Immortan Joe’s breastplate and arm armor as described in this link.
2 Military Medal Prop Attach military rank medals onto the finished breastplate.
3 White Bandage Wrap bandage around both of your arms as a pair of gauntlets.
4 White Lenin Pants Look for plain white pants that fit you.
5 Black Gym Belt Wear a big weightlifting belt in black color.
6 Black Tactical Boots Get a simple pair of plain black combats.
7 Immortal Joe Skeletal Mask Get a replica of Immortan Joe’s fearsome mask to wear.
8 Long White Wig Get a long white wig to recreate the original hairstyle.
9 White and Red Body Paint Lightly cover your face and body with white body paint to get Immortan Joe’s pale skin. For around the eyes, apply red facial paint.
10 Funko Pop Don’t forget to collect Immortan Joe’s cute figure from Funko Pop.

Immortan Joe owns a disturbing, scary look. He has long white hair and pale skin. He always wears a skull-shaped breathing mask, a see-through plastic breastplate and arms armor decorated with countless rank medals, white bandage gauntlets, a big black belt with holsters, white pants and white cape, and black boots. If Immortan Joe’s look interests you, be sure to check our item list to recreate the style!

About Immortan Joe

Immortan Joe, played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, is the main antagonist character in the 2015 re-visioned sequel of the franchise with the same name. The film sets the futuristic wasteland where everything is covered in hot sand, a female worker Furiosa tries to rebel against a tyrannical ruler named Immortan Joe by rescuing his wives from him. Then her path comes across Max. Both of them must work together to survive the army of war boys.

Immortan Joe was a veteran in the Oil Wars and a hero in the Water Wars. He became a ruthless tyrannical ruler after he formed a bike gang, killed of the leader of other gangs and stole their workers and women with the help of a henchmen Major Kalashnikov and a strategist Deepdog. Then he discovered The Citadel, a massive aquifer plant, in a wasteland where it granted him with the power of life and death.

Cosplayer Credit: Björn Friedetzky