War Boy (Nux) from Mad Max Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make War Boys (Mad Max) costume

War Boys Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dark Cargo Pants Look for a pair of cargo pants in dark colors.
2 Big Leather Punk Belt Pick a big belt in dark colors with a touch of rock or punk style on it.
3 Motorcycle Boots Get a simple pair of motorcycle boots in black or brown.
4 Black Gloves Regular black gloves would do.
5 Plastic Chain Prop If you want to dress specially as Nux, you should get a plastic chain to wrap around your wrist as a prop also - like in the movie.
6 Motorcycle Goggles Pick motorcycle goggles in any styles you like.
7 White and Black Body Paint Use body paints to cover your body in white color and circle your eyes with black to get the War Boys skin.
8 Funko Pop Don’t forget to collect War Boys figure from Funko Pop.

War Boys’ costume are very simple, yet recognizable and iconic. Often, they wear only a pair of dark cargo pants with a big belt and motorcycle boots. Some of them may have other accessories such as gloves or goggles on.

Their accessory largely depends on what can they loot from the victim. If you’re interested in this look, check out our tutorial and item list down below to recreate War Boys’ outfit.

About War Boys

War Boys are supporting characters in the 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road, the re-visioned sequel of the movie franchise with the same name. However, there’s one War Boy who plays as one of the main character and his name is Nux, portrayed by Nicholas Hoult. The film is about the war between men in the post-apocalyptic wasteland where the environment alone can kill you.

War Boys are a group of young men who serve Immortan Joe in the Citadel. They look up to the tyrannical ruler as God and strongly believe that death in service of him is the greatest honor. Therefore, War Boys are loyal to Immortan Joe and never hesitate to do anything for him.