Mad Max Rockatansky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Max Rockatansky (Mad Max) costume

Max Rockatansky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown T-Shirt Get a plain brown T-shirt.
2 Black Leather Jacket Find a simple black leather jacket and roll one sleeve up.
3 Brown Pants A simple pair of working brown pants should be perfect.
4 Brown Tactical Boots Match your outfit with brown motorcycle or tactical boots.
5 Black Scarf Wrap a black scarf around your neck and lower face.
6 Shoulder Holster Fasten the shoulder holsters to put in a knife and gun prop.
7 Aluminum Knee Pads Prop Put on aluminum knee pad prop to make it seem like you’re going through the danger.
8 Bandage Carefully wrap a bandage around both hands.
9 Face Guard Prop Put on the face guard to recreate the moment that Max is captured by war boys.
10 Knife Prop Get a knife prop and put it in one of holsters.
11 Gun Prop Get a gun or pistol prop, then put it in one of the holsters.
12 Funko Pop Get your own Max little figure from Funko Pop.

Max Rockatansky’s look has a lot of rustic touch to it, which makes sense since he has to go through the apocalyptic wasteland. He wears a brown T-shirt under a torn black leather jacket, a pair of brown pants, tactical boots, bandaged gloves and a black scarf to cover his face. He’s also equipped with a combat knife and a gun. Are you interested now? Checkout our list down below!

About Max Rockatansky

Max Rockatansky who’s famously known by the name Mad Max, played by Tom Hardy, is the protagonist character in the 2015 sequel of the franchise with the same name. The film sets the futuristic wasteland where everything is covered in hot sand, a female worker tries to rebel against a tyrannical ruler named Immortan Joe by rescuing his wives from him. Then her path comes across Max. Both of them must work together to survive the army of war boys.

In this movie, Max is portrayed as a man who’s haunted by the tragedy of his family. While he’s suffered by the memory, he needs to make sure he will survive in the cut throat environment. Unfortunately, one day he is being kidnapped by a group of war boys, soldiers who works for Immortan Joe.