Ms. Marvel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Ms. Marvel costume from Marvel Comics

Ms Marvel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Backless Bodysuit Look for a simple black backless, sleeveless bodysuit that fits you.
2 Black Leather Thigh High Boots Pick a pair of black leather thigh high boots to match the outfit.
3 Long Black Leather Gloves Any long black leather gloves are perfect.
4 Black Eye Mask Get a simple black leather eye mask to hide your identity.
5 Long Red Scarf To get more wavy effect, wrap a long red scarf around your waist as a belt.
6 Long Blond Wig Recreate Ms. Marvel’s hairstyle with a long blond wig.
7 Yellow Acrylic Paint Paint a big thunder sign on the bodysuit with a yellow acrylic color.
8 Action Figure If you’re a marvel and Ms. Marvel fan, collect her action figure!

Ms. Marvel’s iconic style includes a black leather bodysuit with yellow thunder sign on it and a long red ribbon belt, long black leather gloves, black leather thigh high boots, and a black eye mask to hide her identity. She also has a long blond hair. To recreate Ms. Marvel’s look, follow our list of needed items down below.

About Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel’s real name’s Carol Danvers. And before Danvers is known as Captain Marvel, she was first introduced to the world of Marvel as Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers is born in a regular family in Boston where her father teaches her to believe in the merits of hard work. At the age of 18, Danvers joins the Air Force to learn to pilot the plane. After the training she has an opportunity to join NASA, becoming the youngest security captain in NASA’s history.

At NASA, they discover the interstellar alien Kree Empire. The alien then decides to kidnap Cara Danvers and alter Carol’s genetic structure, effectively making her a half-Kree superhuman with enhanced strength, stamina, durability, flight ability and so on. However, the uncontrollable power sabotages Danvers career at NASA and so she decides to quit. She then slowly takes control over her power and use it to fight crimes. This is when she takes the alias of Ms. Marvel.