Gwenpool (Deadpool) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Gwenpool’s Costume

Gwenpool Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full Costume You can cop a full costume or follow the list for a DIY take.
2 White Leotard Make this white leotard your foundation of the costume.
3 Pink Cardigan Then top it with this cardigan.
4 Arm Band Add this arm band to the sleeves for a white accent.
5 Pink Shoes Wear comfy pink sneakers, too.
6 White Socks You can also wear a pair of white long songs with pink details.
7 Sword Holster Keep the look chic with this sword element.
8 Thigh Holster Add another holster detail to the thigh.
9 Belt Bag Then keep it close to the original costume with a belt bag.
10 Blonde Wig Get a short blonde wig, too.
11 Pink Dye Add pink tips to the wig as well!

Gwenpool is a refreshing costume to wear if you want to match Deadpool’s popular one. It fits anyone who loves a pink outfit! Simply wear a white leotard and top it with a pink cardigan. Then be sure to add a pair of white arm bands to add accents on the arms. Then cop a pair of white long socks and pink shoes. Next, get a sword and gun holster to wear on your shoulder and thighs. Top it off with a blonde wig with pink tips.

About Gwenpool

Gwenpool became popular after June 2015 when Marvel titles got their own Gwen Stacy versions of the covers. She was introduced in the Marvel universe as Gwendolyn Poole who was not willing to be a mere extra. She then went to a tailor to get her own costume made who mistakenly took her request to look like a costume like Deadpool’s.