Khonshu (Moon Knight) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Khonshu Costume

Khonshu Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 EVA Foam Stock up on some EVA foam for Khonshu’s Mask and Staff.
2 Mask Template Pattern Use this template to create Khonshu’s iconic bone mask from EVA foam.
3 Shepherd Staff Use this simple staff as a base and manipulate the top with EVA foam to create the crescent moon on Khonshu’s own staff.
4 Acrylic Paint You’ll be using a lot of off-white, bronze, and silver acrylic paint for this costume.
5 White Long Sleeve Shirt Wear this plain white long sleeve shirt as the base of your costume.
6 White Pants Match your plain top with a simple, relaxed pair of white pants.
7 White Shoes Complete the plain look with a pair of solid white shoes.
8 Grey Cape Cut up this grey cape and don it on your back to get that tattered, mummified look.
9 Gauze Rolls Wrap your whole body with gauze to finish off the mummy vibes that Khonshu is sporting.

Khonshu is an important character in the American television miniseries released by Disney+ and Marvel Studios, based on the Marvel character Moon Knight. He is the Egyptian God of the Moon and the Night Sky who avenges those that have suffered from evildoers through his avatar, the Moon Knight.

Khonshu is a manipulative, vengeful, and imperious god who is willing to do anything in order to impart his justice. He wears a white long sleeve shirt, white pants, white shoes all hidden underneath rolls of gauze, a tattered cape, bronze symbols on his neck and chest, his iconic bone mask, and his moon staff.

About Khonshu

Khonshu was voiced by F. Murray Abraham. Abraham is also known for his roles in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Amadeus, Mighty Aphrodite, and Star Trek: Insurrection.

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