Brutus Buckeye Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to Make Brutus Buckeye Costume

Brutus Buckeye Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red and Grey Striped Sweater Start off your Brutus costume with a red and grey-striped long-sleeve sweater.
2 White Iron On Letter Patches Use Iron-On patches in letters that spell ‘BRUTUS’ in the middle of your sweater.
3 Red Sweatpants Match your top with a pair of red sweatpants.
4 Black Sneakers Keep it simple with a pair of black sneakers.
5 Hat Look extra sporty with your own university team hat.
6 Ohio State Hand Towel Show your school spirit and bring along an embroidered hand towel.
7 White Sports Wristbands Keep up the athletic look with white wristbands.
9 Grey Gloves Protect your hands in a pair of grey gloves.
9 White Socks Finish off your look with a pair of white socks.
10 Sweatshirt Want to keep it easy? Get this Brutus Buckeye-inspired sweatshirt instead.

Brutus Buckeye is an anthropomorphic Buckeye nut derived from Ohio’s state tree and is the mascot of the Ohio State University. He is most known for his simple but iconic appearance, with a brown oblong head (resembling the nut) and his red and grey shirt with ‘Brutus’ spelled out in the middle.

Brutus Buckeye is a beloved school athletic mascot in the NCAA and has been known to appear in video games and commercials. He wears a grey university cap, red and grey-striped sweater, red sweatpants, and grey gloves.

About Brutus Buckeye

Brutus Buckeye’s persona was created after two Ohio State students convinced the athletic council to consider giving the university its own mascot in 1965. Knowing the trend was bringing a live animal into the stadium, the idea of a buck deer was deemed impossible. In the end, the official state tree of Ohio, buckeye, was chosen.

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