The Naughty & Sexy Nun Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Bad Nun Costume

Bad Nun Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Little Black Dress Get a sexy black cocktail dress. It would even better if made of leather.
2 Nun Veil and Collar Don’t forget to get a set of a nun veil and collar.
3 Black Net Stockings A regular pair of next stockings in black color are just perfect.
4 Long Black Leather Gloves Any long leather gloves should be suitable for the look.
5 Red High Heels Pick any red high heels that you like.
6 Long Rosary and Cross Decorate the costume with a nice line of black rosary and cross.
7 Black Eyeshadow Don’t just go naughty for only a costume. Put on a dark eyeshadow.
8 Red Lipstick Also, get a nice and sexy burgundy color on your lips by using a red lipstick.

The naughty nun costume is basically the altered version of a nun costume. You still have to keep a lot of traditional nun dress pieces, but you can spice it up all you want. As a naughty nun, you can replace a long black gown with a sexy little black dress made of leather, add a pair of sexy net stockings, and a pair of red high heels. However, remember to keep a classic nun veil and neck-piece. Sounds fun? Follow our needed item list down here to recreate the look.

About Naughty Nun

Naughty nun or bad-habit nun is one of the many timeless costume looks, on par with princesses and witches, that you’re likely to see in any Halloween parties, any years. The appearance of a naughty nun is, indeed, a twisted picture of a normal nun in a church who’s supposed to be discreet and meek, for she now embraces all the dark temptations especially sexual pleasure. Therefore, the naughty nun look contains a lot of sexual connotation.