Creepy Doll Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Creepy Doll’s Costume

No Halloween costume party is complete without the Creepy Doll costume. This type of outfit often includes a wig in double pony tails styled with an ovesized ribbon. You may also get creative and wear heavy make-up. For the dress, choose a mini cut one with a baby collar. Complete this outfit with long striped socks and heels. If you find a red pair of gloves, wear that with the outfit, too!

Creepy Dolls styles can be easy and fun to recreate. Start with the pieces below:

Creepy Doll Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dress Get a dress with a round collar.
2 Fashion Belt Add shape with a fashion belt.
3 heart Patch Decorate the dress with a red patch.
4 Gloves Pair the red patch with half palm gloves.
5 Double Ponytail Wig Wear this wig.
6 Red Headband Accentuate with a red headband.
7 Striped Socks Next, get striped knee-high socks.
8 Black Heels Pair the socks with these heels.
9 Make Up Get heavy on the eye-liner with this palette.
10 Red Lipstick Wear red lips, too. You can use this to add fake blood smears on the face.

Creepy Doll Makeup Tutorial

About Creepy Doll

The Haunted Doll is a kind of doll that is believed (or is reported) to be possessed by spirits. In various parts of the world, the use of dolls in terms of cursing or being valued as evil can be seen in Voodoo practice or simply being an object of fear.

In popular culture, creepy dolls are seen in characters of Robert, Annabelle who is the main focus in films like The Conjuring and the eponymous Annabelle.