Executioner's Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make an Executioner’s Costume

Executioner Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Ski Mask Get the mysterious look going with this cool ski mask or balaclava.
2 Hood Then, top off the mask with this hood.
3 Tunic Top You can opt for a tank top or this tunic.
4 Skirt Then, wear bottoms resembling a skirt (or an actual skirt) to match the medieval fashion for executioners.
5 Belt Get this belt to style the skirt.
6 Boots You can also wear boots or these boot covers instead.
7 Axe Be sure to carry a toy axe.
8 Severed Head For an extra scary touch, you can also carry a toy severed head.
9 Full Costume This set is also available if you wish for a one-stop shopping experience.

The executioner costume naturally comes in an all-black ensemble. For the shirt, you can wear a tunic and then match it with a dark skirt. You can also wear boots. The head covering is important to hide the identity of the person. Wear a ski ask under a hood for this bit. Once the clothes are worn, be sure to carry a toy axe and a severed head, too.

About Executioner

An executioner is an person (usually an official) tasked to execute a sentence of capital punishment (death) on a legally condemned person. They are also known as hangman or headsman. They have a warrant for the condemned to make them except from murder. They would sometimes wear hoods if they want their identities to be hidden.