The Ancestors (Addams Family Musical) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make The Ancestors’ Costume from Addams Family Musical

The Ancestors Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Corset Corsets can be the central point of this dated costume.
2 Bolero Add a bolero or shrug on top of the corset.
3 White Skirt Then, match your top with this skirt.
4 Boots Wear your choice of white footwear to this costume.
5 Wig This beehive wig adds a cool antique touch to the costume.
6 White Body Make-Up Complete the all-white undead look with this cream blend stick.
7 Make-Up Palette Then draw dark circles around the eyes to nail the costume.

The Ancestors’ complete the ensemble for the Addams Family cast. They are known to be a group that wears all-white with skin also painted white. Start the costume with a white corset and layer it with a bolero. Then wear a skirt and a pair of white boots. For your next step, you can look for a white beehive wig. You can also opt to wear white body paint on any exposed skin and your face.

About The Ancestors

The Ancestors is a set of background characters from the Addams Family franchise. In the stage versions, they can be seen as the back-up ensemble dancers and performers. Their costume can be seen as all-white and powdery. Since they are also the ancestors of the current Addams family, the characters vary from noblemen, brides, sailors, milk maids, etc. In the stage play, they are also the chorus.