Pinata Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Pinata’s Costume

Dress like a cute pinata with a unicorn hoodie. Cut ribbon strips with as many colors as you wish and use a fabric tape to attach the ends of the ribbon all over the hoodie. Get as creative as you want, you may use printed ribbons or shiny ones. For those who wish to keep the festive look of the pinata, it is best to secure yellow, green, blue, and pink ribbons.

Be the life of the party and rock your pinata costume now!

Pinata Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Unicorn Hoodie Get this unicorn hoodie
2 Fabric Tape Cop this fabric tape.
3 Blue Ribbon Cut this blue ribbon, at least 6 inches and tape one end on the jacket.
4 Pink Ribbon Then add a layer of pink ribbon
5 Purple Ribbon Sprinkle in some purple ribbons, too.
6 Yellow Ribbon Get this yellow ribbon to add a sunny accent.
7 Green Ribbon Add a green layer for good measure.
8 Costume set Or get this pinata costume for a packaged look.

About Piñata

Piñata are paper maches containing candies or toys. They are often used during festivities or parties for Latin American families. The goodies inside are released upon striking the pinata, which is often made in the shape of a pony or a unicorn.

The ones who are supposed to hit the pinata are often blindfolded and guided by the voice of the people around him or her. When the pinata is hit, the kids or anyone in the area can get their fill of candy from the vessel.