Three Blind Mice Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Three Blind Mice’s Costume from Shkrek

You can easily get the Three Blind Mice group outfit from the links below:

Three Blind Mice Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Sweatshirt Wear a crisp white sweatshirt or long-sleeved top.
2 White Pants Match white shirt with loose pants.
3 White Tail Pair pants with a white tail.
4 Mouse Ears Wear mouse ear headband.
5 Sunglasses Nail the blind look with a pair of sunglasses.
6 Mouse Nose Wear a cute mouse nose to complete the look!
7 Walking Stick Get a walking stick or shepherd’s crook as a finishing touch.
8 Full costume Buy three of this instead of diying

For friends who wish to take the costume party to a whole new level, going in matching three blind mice costumes is a fun idea. Cop oversized white sweater and pants to recreate the white mouse look. Then look for mouse ears, black sun glasses, a tail, and walking stick.

About The Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice are mouse characters in the animated film franchise “Shrek.” While some of the characters in the film are based from fairytales, the Three Blind Mice are based from nursery rhymes.

Their first appearance in Shrek shows them banished by King Farquaad along with other characters. In the wedding scene, they are shown turning into horses and a carriage boy with the help of the Fairy Godmother.

Image Credit: Pinterest