Queen Bee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Queen Bee’s Costume

Queen Bee’s costume can easily be recreated with black-and-yellow stripes. Get a bumble bee striped tank top and pair it with a a tulle skirt. Then cop a pair of long socks and pumps. Wear fingerless gloves, a bee headband, and yellow bee wings, too!

You’re well on your way to becoming a queen bee with these pieces below:

Queen Bee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Striped Tank Top Start off with this striped tank top.
2 Yellow Skirt Match it with a tulle skirt.
3 Fake Flowers Decorate the skirt, the top, and the rest of the outfit with floral details as needed.
4 Bumble Bee Socks Get this bumble bee socks.
5 Black Socks Or a black pair (just add flowers as detail).
6 Yellow Pumps Wear a pair of yellow heels.
7 Bee Wings Get this bee wing.
8 Bee Crown Headband Don’t forget to wear a brown and an antenna.
9 Striped Gloves Keep the stripes going with this pair of gloves.
10 Full Costume You may also get this packaged costume set.

About Queen Bee

Bees are fying insects best known for its pollination skills. It is considered one of the most imporant insects in the world for its work with spreading pollen throughout the world. They live in colonies and serve their Queen Bee.

The Queen Bee is typically the mother of all bees in their hive. The queen is served by worker bees and is cared for in order to be mature enough to lay more bees. From being larvae, queens are already selected at a young stage and are fed royal jelly.