Swashbuckler Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Swashbucker’s Costume

The swashbuckler costume can be defined in many ways. It can be a gentleman decked in refined clothing or a man in pirate garb, but he must carry a shield as it is the swashbuckler’s signature prop. Start the costume with a vintage white ruffled top and brown pants. Then layer it with a vest and a red sash on the waist. Get a belt, a brown pair of boots, and a red skullcap, too. Carry a sword to nail the swasbuckler costume.

Be the swashbuckler for a night with these pieces below:

Swashbuckler Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt Kick off the costume with this shirt.
2 Brown Vest Layer a vest on top.
3 Aubergine Sash Wear this sash on the waist.
4 Brown Belt Add this belt to the mix.
5 Brown Pants Wear this brown pair of pants.
6 Boots Match the pants with these boots.
7 Wig Cop this wig.
8 Skull Cap Style the wig with this skull cap.
9 Sword Carry a toy sword.
10 Costume Set Go all out with this packaged costume set.

About Swashbuckler

Swashbuckler is described as a heroic archetype, the foremost form of the hero-slash-knight-in-shining armour that became popular in literature. They are also said to be heroic, altrusitic, and idealistic, putting their life on the line to save damsels, protect the weak, and the like.

Popular swashbucklers include The Three Musketeers, Robin Hood, and Zorro. Swashbucklers and their idealized personas originated from Europe, from the late Renaissance to the Napoleonic Warsm all the way to the time the Caribbean is frequented by pirates.