Baby/Kid Taco Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Baby Taco’s Costume

For a head-turning costume, make sure to dress your baby with a unique spin. Let the child take the costume party by storm with a cool taco-inspired costume. Some taco costume fit kids at age 5 so you may want to sew the costume to a smaller form. The outfit usually has a taco shell foam as well as colored cloth or paper that represents the lettuce and garnish. Afterall, your kid can grow into this costume in the future!

Take your kid’s costume to a whole new level with this taco scene-stealer!

Taco Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Felt Measure the length of your child’s shoulders to his legs and get a yellow felt material covering that size. Fold the felt in half
2 Marker Mark and cut a circle that will fit the size of your child’s leg and arms then cut the folded felt into a half circle shape.
3 Brown Felt Connect the two ends of the yellow felt with a strip of brown felt.
4 Velcro Apply velcro on the other end of the brown felt to make the taco shell easy to put on the child.
5 Glue Gun Get a glue gun.
6 Assorted Felt Decorate the taco shell with lettuce and meat strips using assorted colored felt.
7 full costume Cop this complete taco look. For smaller babies, be sure to make necessary sewing adjustments.
8 Taco Headbad Keep the look fresh with this cute taco-shaped headband.

About Baby Taco

A Taco is a popular Mexican dish. It is composed of a tortilla folded in half filled with meat, lettuce, cheese, and other ingredients.

One of Mexico’s biggest holidays, Dia de los Muertos, is usually celebrated around Halloween and involves kids taking up costumes. This Mexican delicacy is a great option to wear to make your kid stand out from the crowd.