DIY Tooth Fairy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tooth Fairy Costume

Do you want to recreate this tooth fairy’s look? Checkout our item list down below!

Tooth Fairy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Corset With Strap Put on a white corset with strap.
2 White Fluffy Tutu Skirt Pair up the corset with a white tutu skirt.
3 White Stockings Get a pair of sheer white stockings to wear.
4 Green High Heels Match the outfit with green high heels.
5 Green Tiara Put on a green tiara.
6 Green Wings Wear green wings on your back.
7 Large Toothbrush Toy Carry a large toothbrush as a wand.
8 Costume For Men This full tooth fairy costume is for fathers that love hilarity and want to amuse their children.
9 Tooth Stuffed Toy Carry a giant tooth stuffed toy to accompany the wand.

In this article, we create the tooth fairy look after a cute cartoon illustration. The tooth fairy wears a white corset with a white fluffy skirt, white stockings, green wings, green high heels, and a green tiara. She also carry a wand that resembles a toothbrush.

About Tooth Fairy

Tooth fairy is a fantasy being, widely believed by children in their early childhood, in the Western-influenced culture. The lore goes that if children lose one of their baby teeth, they have to put that tooth under their pillow. So at night, a tooth fairy can come and collect it. And before leaving, she will leave some money for them.

In reality, it’s the children father or mother that plays this tooth fairy role. At night, these parents will wait until their children go to bed and sneak into their room before quietly take the tooth out of the pillow and put the money there instead.

Image Credit: Pinterest