Voodoo Queen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Voodoo Queen’s Costume

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Voodoo Queen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Corset Top Get a corset top in dark red color to wear.
2 Leggings Find a pair of plain black leggings to match the corset.
3 Victorian Long Coat Top the corset with a Victorian styled coat in black color.
4 High Heel Boots Pair up the outfit with black high heel boots.
5 Dreadlock Wig Recreate the Voodoo queen’s hairstyle with a medium length dreadlock wig.
6 Top Hat Wear a black top hat over your wig.
7 Half Face Mask Get a half face mask with the day of dead style.
8 Leather Bracelets Wear black leather bracelets on both hands.
9 Bead Bracelets Also, wear bead bracelets in brown color on both hands.
10 Bone Necklace Get a white bone necklace to wear.
11 Bone Prop Attach these bones to the skinny black belt with hot glue.
12 Serpent necklace Another necklace you can add.
13 Snake Prop Wrap a snake prop on one of your arm.
14 Voodoo Staff Don’t forget to carry a Voodoo staff as well.
15 Full Costume Don’t have time to gather all the stuff? Get this full costume here.

This is article, we will shine away from accuracy and go for dramatic look. Voodoo queen wears a red corset topped with a Victorian long coat, black leggings, high heel boots, a dreadlock wig, a top hat, a day of the dead half-face mask, leather and bead bracelets, a bone necklace and belt, and a dark fabric also as a belt. Carry a staff and snake as props.

About Voodoo Queen

Although Voodoo is often portrayed as witchcraft or black magic, it actually is a religion. The most well known Voodoo came from southern American, and it is known as Louisiana Voodoo, which evolved and developed from the traditions of African diaspora. In New Orleans, the woman who is famous for this is Marie Laveau, she was even called a voodoo queen.