Catty Noir Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Catty Noir Costume

Catty Noir Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Silver Top Wear this shiny top to outshine other pop stars.
2 Hot Pink Tutu Skirt Channel hot pink in this awesome tutu skirt.
3 Silver Boots Don’t forget to wear your silver boots.
4 Long, Pink Wig Catty Noir has long, pink hair so wear a wig if you need one.
5 Cat Ears Don’t forget your cat ears since Catty Noir is a werecat.
6 Hot Pink Scarf Accessorize with a hot pink neck scarf.
7 Black Body Paint Color yourself black since Catty Noir is a black werecat.
8 Pink Microphone Channel your inner pop star with this pink microphone.
9 Kids Costume Set Transform your little girl into Catty Noir with this costume set.

Catty Noir is one ambitious and talented werecat. She is very passionate about singing. That’s why she worked hard to earn her place as one of the top pop stars in the world of Monster High. Despite being famous, Catty Noir is still very humble and has a special place in her heart for all of her fans.

Catty Noir loves pink and sparkly, which is perfect for her bubbly teen idol persona. She wears a shiny silver top, a pink tutu, a pink scarf, and silver boots. She even has long, pink hair. Here’s everything you need to look like Catty Noir.

About Catty Noir

Catty Noir was voiced by Missi Hale.

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