CDA / Child Detection Agency's (Monsters Inc) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make CDA’s Costume from Monsters Inc

Child Detection Agency Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Hazmat Keep the costume yellow with this hazmat suit.
2 Box Cut some holes for your eyes and for some air circulation on this box and make your head fit.
3 Paint Draw the various eyes, buttons, and tubes resembling the CDA head design on the box.
4 Boots Wear boots together with the outfit.
5 Black Flexible PVC Pipe Use these pipes to connect the back and head.
6 Gloves You can also wear black rubber gloves.

For this cool costume, you can rock the CDA outfit with a yellow hazmat suit. Then, you can get a used box or cardboard which you can cut to fit your head in. Use paint to draw the details for the eyes and tubes present on the usual CDA design. Wear boots to cap the look!

About the Child Detection Agency

The CDA (Child Detection Agency) is a unit from the animated film Monsters Inc. For most of the film, it is a CIA-like group whose primary job is to seek out and remove any type of contaminant, such as hair,from humans, like a biohazard unit. They come in a variety of forms and all come with the fear of contamination that’s why they wear a biohazard suit. If a human object appears in Monster World, they arrive to destroy it and sterilize anyone who comes into contact with it.