Baby Boss Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Normal babies can’t walk or talk yet, but the Boss Baby isn’t a normal baby. He works for Baby Corp. and is on a mission to make sure that people still love babies more than puppies. But that all becomes harder when his big brother, Tim, catches him during a meeting.

Boss Baby loves his business suit. That’s why he has on a black and white suit during the movie. To make him look more adorably grown up, Boss Baby can also accessorize with a black tie and a toy phone. Here’s everything you need to look like a Baby Boss.

How to Make Baby Boss Costume

Boss Baby Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Baby Tuxedo Set A tuxedo set makes it easier for you to dress your kid to the nine.
2 Baby Black Dress Shoes Don’t forget to match your business attire with black dress shoes.
3 Baby Black Tie Instead of a bow tie, Boss Baby prefers a black tie.
4 Toy Cellphone Boss Baby needs to communicate with Baby Corp. so he has a toy cellphone.
5 Reusable Coffee Cup Make your baby look more adult-ish by letting him bring a reusable coffee cup.

About Baby Boss

The Boss Baby was voiced by well-known actor Alec Baldwin.

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