Leslie Vernon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Leslie Vernon Costume

Leslie Vernon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Cream Sweater Use this cream sweater as a base for your outfit. Remember to make it look dirty and worn.
2 Dark Blue Overalls Match your dirty top with this dark blue overalls.
3 Leslie Vernon Mask Don’t forget to wear your Leslie Vernon mask.
4 Fake Scythe Keep a fake scythe handy.
5 Fake Blood Look like a successful serial killer by adding fake blood to your outfit.

Leslie Vernon is not your typical serial killer. That’s because he agreed to make himself the star of a documentary dealing with his attempt to become like other slasher villains. The crew of documentary witnesses his enthusiasm and passion for serial killing first-hand. In fact, they become too close to the project themselves.

Like many other slasher villains, Leslie’s outfit is made to look worn out and dingy. He wears a dirty sweater full of holes, dark blue overalls, and a unique mask. He also has a scythe for a weapon. Here’s everything you need to look like Leslie Vernon.

About Leslie Vernon

Leslie Vernon was portrayed by Nathan Baesel who is better known as a theater actor.

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