Candyman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Candyman Costume

Candyman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Zombie Chest Wear a zombie chest shirt to look like you’ve been dead awhile.
2 Black Frock Coat Don on Candyman’s dramatic dark frock coat.
3 Brown Faux Fur Fabric Add brown faux fur to your coat’s lining to look like Candyman’s.
4 Gray Flat Pants Pair your coat with nice gray pants.
5 Black Oxford Shoes You can never go wrong with black Oxfords.
6 White Neck Scarf Accessorize with a white neck scarf.
7 Meat Hook Prop Look like a brutal killer with a meat hook.
8 Bees Sticker Place several bees on your person to look extra eerie.
9 Fake Blood Look scary by adding fake blood all over your outfit.

Candyman is a brutal killer that is highly charismatic and intelligent which makes him a very dangerous villain. But he is also narcissistic in a sense that he values what others think of him over the life of others. He also has a god complex, loving that people talk about him.

Candyman is vengeful spirit who is unrepentant. He wears a long frock coat, a white neck scarf, grey pants, black Oxfords, and underneath you’ll see his decaying body.

About Candyman

Candyman was portrayed by Tony Todd. Todd is also known for his roles in The Man from Earth, The Rock, and The Crow.

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