May Queen (Midsommar) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make May Queen Costume

May Queen (Midsommar) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Floral Embroidered White Dress Look like a part of Harga by wearing a white dress with floral embroidery.
2 Floral Crown Use this simple floral crown as your starting piece or the base of your May Queen crown.
3 Floral Wire Add floral wire to the crown above and fill it with artificial flowers to make it look like the May Queen crown.
4 Petticoat Make your May Queen gown balloon by using this petticoat as the base.
5 Assorted Artificial Flowers Attach artificial flowers to your petticoat and top to really create the whimsical look of the May Queen gown.
6 Artificial Vines You can also add fake greens to really sell the organic look.

Midsommar is as brightly colored as a movie can get but vibrant shades can’t hide the sinister plot of that Dani finds herself in when she visits Harga. Forced to participate in ancient rituals including murder and suicide, Dani slowly loses her mind to hallucinations. At the end of the movie, she is even crowned the Hargans’ May Queen.

Though the movie is dark as it can be. The May Queen’s final dress is a sight to behold if you love whimsical attire. Dani as the May Queen wears a towering flower crown and is bedecked form neck to toe in flowers.

About May Queen

Florence Pugh portrayed Dani in Midsommar, who also became the May Queen. Pugh is also known for her roles in The Falling, Marcella, Lady Macbeth, and Black Widow.

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