Hanson Brothers (Slap Shot) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Hanson Brothers’s Costume from Slap Shot

You and your friends could rock this cool costume together!

Hanson Brothers Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Jersey Start off with your very won CHIEFS jersey.
2 Long-sleeved white shirt As an alternative, you can also get your long-sleeved white shirt.
3 Yellow Tape Add the Chiefs letters and lining on the shirt using yellow tape.
4 Blue Tape Then fill the rest with blue tape.
5 Blue Shorts Pair your top with these shorts
6 Socks Wear your hockey socks too.
7 High-top sneakers In place of hockey boots, you can wear these sneakers.
8 Hockey Stick Get your hockey stick to complete the costume.
9 Wig Keep the look on-point with this brown wig for men.
10 Eye glasses Add in a pair of glasses for the final touch.

By simply getting your Chiefs jersey, you can already nail Hanson Brothers’ costume! Don’t have the jersey? You can get your long-sleeved white shirt and decorate it with Chief-color tape (yellow and blue). Then get your blue shorts, socks, and high-cut sneakers. Complete the costume with a brown wig and pair of eye glasses.

About Hanson Brothers

Hanson Brothers are characters from the film Slap Shot. The brothers are notable in the film for being troublemakers and for starting fights. The Hanson Brothers are also said to have been based from the real-life Carlson Brothers.