Kiss Me Candy Girl (The Purge) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make the Candy Girl from The Purge Costume

Candy Girl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Corset Get a pink corset to wear.
2 Pink Underpants Wear hot pink underpants.
3 Pink Layered Tutu Skirt Match your corset with a pink layered tutu skirt.
4 Pink Stockings Find a seductive pair of soft pink stockings.
5 Black Thigh High Boots Get a pair of black laced up thigh high boots.
6 Kiss Me Mask Get a replica of terrifying kiss me mask.
7 Large Gun Prop Get a large gun (M16 or AK-47) prop to carry.
8 Black Double Wigs Don’t have long hair to make a double bun style? No worries! Just clip on these black bun wig on your head!

One of the reason why the Candy Girl is so recognizable despite her short air time is her flashy outfit. She wears a pink dress with tutu skirt, black leather thigh high boots, a devil mask with ‘Kiss Me’ written on it in red, and pink underpants.

Candy Girl also has a double bun hairstyle and carries a AK-47 gun. If you want to recreate Candy Girl’s creepy style, checkout our list down below!

About Candy Girl (Kimmy)

The Candy Girl or Kimmy, played by an American actress Brittany Mirabile, is an eye-catching cameo in a 2016 thriller movie The Purge: Election Year, a sequel to the new successful thriller franchise: The Purge.

In this year’s purge, a Presidential candidate named Senator Charlie Roan is targeted by her opponent. Her safety now is up to Leo Barnes, a former police sergeant who’s now Roan’s head of security.

The audience gets to see the Candy Girl as Kimmy, who seems to be a violent and disturbing child, before the purge begins. She’s pissed by the convenience store owner, so she’s back to terrorize his place. Unfortunate, she gets gun down along with her friends.