Teen Wolf Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Teen Wolf’s Costume

Do you want to recreate this look? Checkout our item list down below!

Teen Wolf Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow T-shirt Get a plain yellow T-shirt.
2 Number Sticker Pick a number stick (more than 6"). Put number 42 on your T-shirt.
3 Varsity Jacket Look for a yellow and blue varsity jacket to top the T-shirt.
4 Jeans Look for a pair of faded jeans to match up.
5 White Sneakers Pair up the outfit with white sneakers.
6 Long Wig and Beard Wear a wig and beard set in brown color to create werewolf face.
7 Fangs Wear fangs as you’re a monster.
8 Werewolf Gloves Match the beard and wig with a pair of furry claw gloves.
9 Basketball Carry a basketball as prop.
10 Basketball Jersey You can also wear Scott’s basketball jersey instead of other getup.

For this look, we’ll go with Scott’s completed werewolf look. He wears a yellow T-shirt with number 42 on it, a blue and yellow varsity jacket with B letter, a pair of jeans, and white sneakers. The most important part is a wig, beard, fangs, and gloves to create werewolf look. In addition, carry a basketball as a prop.

About Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is a fantasy-comedy movie released in 1985. The film follows a typical teenage boy Scott Howard, played by Michael J. Fox, who discovers some disturbing truth about his family while he’s witnessing some change within his body.

Out of this average student life and unsuccessful basketball player, it turns out he’s transforming into a werewolf. The movie offers the audience a fun ride on a journey with Scott and see how he deals with his teenage life when he’s not an ordinary human.