Wyatt's Costume from Zombies for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Wyatt’s Costume from Zombies

Wyatt Lykensen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Hair Chalk Add a layer of hair chalk to your bangs.
2 Faux Fur Then, get this faux fur to complete the vest component.
3 Black Vest Wear a black vest under the faux fur.
4 Purple Shirt You can also wear a purple shirt to add a new color to the dark color scheme.
5 Black Pants Then, add a pair of black pants to the costume.
6 Boots Wear a pair of boots to compete the look.
7 Eye Liner for Tattoo Draw Wyatt’s tattoos with a makeup pencil.

You can look great in Wyatt’s outfit with a hair chalk on the bangs. Then, keep the look edgy with a faux fur shrug on a black vest. Complete the costume with a pair of black boots.

About Wyatt

Whatt Lykensen is a character from the movie Zombies 2. He is the brother of Willa, the Forbidden Forest’s werewolf pack. Wyatt finds water and food for his group as well. He also has a crush on Eliza.