Little Nicky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Little Nicky’s Costume

Little Nicky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Down Jacket You can start off this look with a cool down or long puff jacket.
2 Red Pants Add in a pair of red pants to add loud touch of color.
3 Brown Shoes Keep the look cozy with a pair of brown sneakers.
4 Side Bangs Clip-on these sleek side bangs, too.
5 Orange Gloves Add a pair of orange gloves for this costume.
6 Flask Carry a flask to make sure it resembles Little Nicky’s look closely.

Nicky is one of the three sons who are being chosen to rule Hell, Nicky is considered the kind one. His outfit reflects this attitude as he is seen on the poster with a very comfy outfit. To get his look, be sure to get a blue down jacket with red pants too. Then get a pair of orange gloves and brown shoes. Complete the look with clip-on bangs as well as your own flask.

About Little Nicky

Little Nicky is a fantasy comedy film starring Adam Sandler. It follows the story of three siblings who are in the running to be appointed as the ruler of hell. Nicky is considered the gentlest one. He carries the flash to stop the other two from causing mayhem. Anyone who drinks from the flask will be trapped inside.