Tron Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tron Costume

Tron Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full Body Unitard Use this black body suit as the base of your costume.
2 Black Boots Look seamless with a pair of sturdy black boots.
3 Black Motorcycle Helmet A matte black motorcycle helmet will make you look more futuristic.
4 Black Gloves Keep your hands protected with a pair of black gloves.
5 Electroluminescent Tape Paste electroluminescent tape all over your outfit to copy Tron’s light suit.
6 Tron Disk Don’t forget to bring around a disk.
7 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid into a program with this Tron light suit costume set.
8 Costume Set Be part of the Tron System with this costume set.
9 LED Glasses Optional Prop

The light suit is the preset uniform of programs inside the TRON system. Even Users have the choice to make use of these light suits when they want to. They resemble motorcycle suits except that they have strips all over that glow.

A light suit makes you look highly futuristic which makes sense because you are inside a futuristic system. To make your own light suit, you will need a black compression shirt, black compression pants, black boots, black gloves, a black motorcycle helmet, and electroluminescent strips. Here’s everything you need to have your own Tron light suit!

About Tron

Tron was first seen in the big screen in 1982 before the 2010 Disney remake was shown.

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