Bill Lumbergh (Office Space) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bill Lumbergh’s Costume from Office Space

Check out all the items you need for your next Bill Lumbergh costume.

Bill Lumbergh Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Long Sleeved Top To start, wear this blue button-down.
2 White Collar Cop this white collar to recreate his outfit.
3 Suspender Then style the top with a suspender.
4 Yellow Necktie Add this polka-dot style necktie to your outfit as the focal point in the look.
5 Black Pants Wear the top with this dark pair of pants.
6 Belt He also wears a belt together with his suspenders.
7 Black Shoes Nail the corporate attire with a pair of dress shoes.
8 Aviator Glasses Complete the outfit with aviator-style clear glasses.
9 Coffee Mug Get this coffee mug with Initech logo

Looking for a cool way to dress up your work clothes costume? Take cues from Bill Lumbergh by wearing a blue long-sleeved top with a detachable white collar. Add accents with a yellow necktie and suspenders. To complete the look, be sure to match your suspender with black pants and black shoes. Wear aviator-style eye glasses, too. Pieces from this outfit can be reused for when you need it for your casual or corporate outfits.

About Bill Lumbergh

Bill Lumbergh is a character from the film Office Space. He is described as a caricature of the workplace, often labeled a micromanager. His role is a division VP of a software company called Initech. Bill is the main antagonist in the film, too. He drives a Porsche 911 with a vanity license plate that reads “MY PRSHE”.