Ann Perkins Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Ann Perkins Costume

Ann Perkins Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blouse printed with any kind of pattern in a cheery color, such as red or yello
2 Skirt in a dark color like black or navy blue
3 Knope Badge Optional
4 Cardigan solid color or also patterned, whatever pairs the best with what you already have
5 Flats dark color
6 Tights black to go with the skirt

Finish off your look with some smoky brown eyeshadow and red lipstick. Ann has brown hair that is usually let down, so you can also brush your hair and leave it out. You can also include this Knope badge to give your costume a more realistic air. The greatest this about this Ann Perkins costume is that you can add your best friend or sister by having them dress up as Leslie Knope; this is an excellent opportunity for a beautiful couple costume.

Ann Perkins style is also sexy, but childish in its way. All of her outfits are full of print like polka dots, stripes, flowers, and animal prints but they are always a mature color. Paired right and with a few edgy additions, like a sheer blouse or red lipstick, her appearance is mature but quirky in the best way. Being a nurse, she also appears in a lot of scrubs.

However, I think a costume consisting of one of her regular outfits speaks a lot better for her personality. An Ann Perkins costume is supreme for any fan of the Parks and Recreation show and is an excellent opportunity to shine some well-deserved light on a very underrated character. Here are some examples of clothing pieces you would use to put together your costume.

About Ann Perkins from Parks and Recreation

While perhaps not the most popular character on the well-watched TV show, Parks and Recreation, anyone can probably tell you the show would never be this great without supporting character Ann Perkins. Ann is just your regular nurse when she meets Leslie Knope at a park and recreation meeting where the two immediately hit it off as friends.

Ann is your regular quirky best friend character, though she is as great at her part and offers lots of love and support to her friends. She and Leslie have a very special friendship; Ann is always there for her with quick with a joke or snarky comeback to make her feel better. Ann offers a sexy yet childish air to the show and is a unique character in that respect.