Tom Haverford (Parks & Recreation) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Tom Haverford Costume

Tom Haverford Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Suit slim and sleek fitting maroon
2 Shirt collared crisp white button down
3 Shoes stylish black brogues
4 Tie red with white polka dots
5 Leslie Knope Badge Optional badge to support Leslie
6 Treat Yo Self Coffee Mug Optional

Tom thinks very high of himself and has an incredible amount of confidence and cockiness. He also puts a lot of effort into his day to day outfits, more effort than he puts into his work for sure. You will always see him wearing something stylish, expensive, and creative, almost to the point of being silly. As he has a lot of confidence in his fashion sense, he always manages to pull the look off, no matter how silly. With this costume, it’s the confidence that counts.

Tom Haverford makes a great costume for anyone, as long as you act confident and cocky while dressed up. One of his most iconic looks is the maroon suit, which may not be in most people’s closets, but can be found online without any problems. Here’s a full list of everything you will need to put together the perfect Tom Haverford costume.

In addition, you can add some fake stubble and a light, fuzzy mustache, similar to his own stubble and mustache, with a sponge and some makeup or paint. When wearing this costume, make sure to act extra cocky and sarcastic. There is no such thing as too much “swag” when acting as Tom Haverford.

About Tom Haverford

Tom Haverford is without a doubt, the most stylish, fashion-forward character on the show Parks and Recreation. Or at least that is what he thinks. Tom is a very indolent and underachieving government official who works at the parks and recreation department. He often acts as Leslie Knope’s right-hand man, as he is her immediate subordinate and the closest person she has when needing help with work. He is also very much a lady’s man- despite being married. However, the marriage is one of convenience and between friends, so there is no guilt in his actions.