Penny Crayon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Penny Crayon Costume

Penny Crayon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sleeveless Collared White Shirt A staple to most uniforms, a crisp collared shirt can be seen peeping underneath Penny’s orange top. Wearing a sleeveless shirt makes it less bulky and comfortable than wearing two layers of sleeves
2 Orange Short-Sleeved Shirt Wearing a uniform can be boring and Penny just isn’t the boring type. That’s why she wears a shirt on top of her collared top. Her choice of color is a loud and obnoxious shade of orange (much like her personality, sometimes)
3 Black and Yellow Striped Necktie Another customary accessory to most uniforms, Penny’s tie clashes so violently with her orange shirt that it actually gives more character to her outfit
4 Green Pleated Skirt A pleated skirt may be standard to school uniforms but Penny’s skirt ties her outfit beautifully to each other. The plain, neutral color perfectly balances her other quirky elements
5 Black Tights Instead of wearing the usual knee-high socks, Penny opts for plain black tights for more coverage and a unique style
6 Yellow Ankle-Strap Sandals Another pop of color to her outfit is Penny’s pretty, yellow, ankle-strap sandals. It looks prim and proper as well as quirky and fun
7 Black Beret To show off her creative side, Penny loves wearing a plain black beret on top of her head
8 Yellow Pencil An artist always needs to be prepared because inspiration can hit whenever. That is why Penny keeps a spare pencil tucked above her ear
9 Oversized Round Glasses A great way to look more artsy and unique is to finish off her outfit with oversized round glasses. Plus, it makes Penny see clearer

Nothing says the ‘90s more than magical crayons! Relive childhood dreams with your favorite artist, Penny Crayon. This bubbly, mischievous little girl may get into lots of trouble but she always gets out of it because of her creativity and the support of her best friend, Dennis.

Penny takes a quirky spin on her uniform by adding very vibrant colors to it, and by wearing her iconic beret on her head. Here’s everything you need to look like Penny Crayon.

About Penny Crayon

Great cartoons like Penny Crayon need awesome voice artists to make their characters come alive and resonate more with its viewers. While the amazing Penny Crayon was voiced by the equally amazing Su Pollard, not a lot of people know who voiced her best friend, Dennis.

Dennis was actually brought to life by the talented Paul Hawkins, a celebrated British voice actor. In fact, Hawkins was the original voice for two of the most iconic antagonists in Doctor Who, the Daleks and the Cybermen.