Donald Trump Jr. Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Donald Trump Jr. Costume

Donald Trump Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Buttoned-Down Shirt Get a plain white buttoned-down shirt.
2 Red Necktie Pick a plain red necktie to wear.
3 Black Suit Blazer Wear a black suit blazer over the shirt.
4 Black Formal Pants Match the jacket with the matching-colored formal pants.
5 Black Leather Belt Get a simple leather belt to fasten your pants.
6 Formal Oxford Shoes Match your outfit with a pair of black oxford shoes.
7 American Flag Pin Put the American flag pin on your jacket front collar.
8 Flappy Blond Wig Recreate Trump’s iconic hairstyle with a flappy blond wig.
9 Orange Face Paint Paint your skin with an orange color to get a fake tanned skin look.
10 Make America Great Again Cap Don’t forget to wear the MAGA hat.

Donald Trump is well-known for his orange colored skin from fake tanning and flappy blond hair. For his outfit as a president, Trump wears a formal white buttoned down shirt, neckties, a dark suit blazer, formal pants, a leather belt, formal shoes, and an American flag pin.

Also, he is often seen wearing his campaigning cap labeled “Make America Great Again.” Do you wish to recreate Trump’s presidential look? Check out our list down below.

About Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th and current President of the United States. Before stepping into the politic field, Trump was known as a Hollywood TV personality, who appeared in various number of movies and TV shows, and a successful businessman. As he campaigning for the presidential election, Trump receives a lot of criticism because of his racist policy and remarks.

However he managed to get elected as the president of the United States eventually. Still, many people around the globe continue to bash and make fun his behavior. And to many of people Trump becomes a laughingstock which crating a whole new personality for him.