Create Your Own PJ and Duncan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

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Get Psyche'd up and show off your best moves dressed as the famous teen hip-hop duo PJ and Duncan! Belt out the lyrics and dance like there's no tomorrow while wearing oversized hockey jerseys and sweatpants like the pair used to wear.

Their get-up may not be in now, but PJ and Duncan’s style is a good representation of early 2000’s street fashion. Get ready to Rumble! Here’s everything you need to look like PJ and Duncan.

How to Dress Like PJ and Duncan - DIY Costume

PJ & Duncan Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 Oversized White and Blue Hockey Jersey Big and baggy was the style of the decade and PJ was in on it. His oversized white and blue hockey jersey is loose and big, making him look smaller than he actually is
2 Dark Baggy Sweatpants One thing that the hip-hop culture made popular was very loose pants, and PJ's sweatpants are no exception. You can't even see the shape of his legs when he's wearing it
3 Classic Converse Zakim Sneakers The best part about 2000s fashion was the shoes, no doubt about it. PJ wears a Converse Zakim. It’s plain, black, and stunning. It’s perfect statement piece when he’s out rocking the streets
4 Blue Cap There was a time where PJ always wore a hat, and this album cover was no exception. He wears a blue baseball cap with a red tag embroidered as a design
5 Oversized Red and Blue Hockey Jersey If PJ has on a white and blue jersey, Duncan isn't too far from it. In on the trend as well, he wears an oversized red and blue hockey jersey that just swallows his frame
6 Dark Baggy Jogging Pants Busting out awesome dance steps means the legs need to be free to move; and baggy, jogging pants help Duncan do just that
7 Plain Black Sneakers Sneaker nation represent. Duncan’s plain black sneakers may look simple, but it is an awesome accessory partnered with his outfit
8 Wireless Microphones Well, if you’re going to belt out the lyrics to their song, better bring a pair of microphones so everyone can hear you

The perfect prop for being PJ and Duncan is going out there and busting out their awesome moves; so don’t be shy and dance it out!

About PJ and Duncan

The teen hip-hop duo, PJ and Duncan, may not be active today as singers but that doesn't mean their career is over. Known nowadays as Ant and Dec, Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are famous for being the hosts of Britain's Got Talent.

Most of their career, both Anthony and Declan were known as a pair. That’s why a lot of people find it surprising that they didn’t get along well when they first met on their first show, Byker Grove.