Tiger Lily (Peter Pan) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tiger Lily’s Costume from Peter Pan

These are the items you can cop to get Tiger Lily’s look:

Tiger Lily Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Beige Dress Wear a light beige dress with quarter sleeves.
2 Red Necklace Cop this red native necklace to add accent.
3 Yellow Green Belt Then add in a green belt.
4 Furry Boots Slip on these cool boots.
5 Headpiece Then tie the hair into two parts and add this headpiece.
6 Full Costume Or get this complete Tiger Lily set.

Tiger Lily is one of the characters who is a delight to dress up in because of the simplicity of her style. Simply cop a dress with quarter sleeves and style it with a green belt and red collar. Then wear a pair of green boots and a native headpiece.

About Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a character from the Peter Pan franchise. The animated film version follows Peter from when he taught Wendy to fly which led to all their other adventures.

Tiger Lily fits into the story as she was captured by Peter’s enemy, Captain Hook. In turn, her tribe is hostile towards the Lost Boys. Captain Hook then drowns Tiger Lily after she refused to tell him where Peter lives but is in turn saved by Peter Pan himself and returned to her tribe.