How to Make Peter Pan Costume

Peter Pan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Tunic Wear this green tunic to mimic Peter’s top.
2 Green Compression Pants Instead of wearing awkward theatrical tights, why not opt for the more modern, green compression pants?
3 Brown Shoes Wear a pair of elf shoes to imitate Peter.
4 Green Hat with Red Feather Don’t forget to wear Peter’s trusty hat.
5 Toy Sword Peter wears a small sword around his waist, perfect for impromptu fights with Captain Hook.
6 Boys Costume Set Transform your kid into Peter Pan with this costume set.
7 Costume Set Another costume set for men.
8 Full Costume Set You don’t have to DIY your outfit if you get this costume set.

You know his story. He’s the boy who doesn’t grow up, after all. Peter Pan, leader of the Lost Boys and Captain Hook’s arch-nemesis, has captured the heart of fans ever since he made his debut in J.M Barrie’s novel. But he cemented his place when children everywhere watched him fly for the first time in Disney’s 1954 adaptation.

Peter Pan is a dashing young boy whose mischievous looks alone will make you giggle. He wears a green tunic, a pair of green tights with a dagger around his waist, brown elf shoes, and a green hat atop his reddish brown hair. Here’s everything you need to look like Peter Pan!

About Peter Pan

Peter Pan has had a number of actors portraying him throughout the years. Bobby Driscoll was the one who voiced him in the 1954 Disney adaptation.

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